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Courvoisier Erte Cognac No.2 Vendages

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Part of a set of limited edition Courvoisier bottlings designed by the leading Art Deco artist Erte, who sadly died shortly after the first edition was released. Some of the eaux-de-vie used date back to 1892, the year of the artist's birth.

Courvoisier Erte Cognac No.2 Vendages

Limited to 12,000 decanters worldwide

The Erte’ Courvoisier Cognac collection was created in 1988 by one of the great masters of Art deco and Fashion Illustration ERTE’ aka Romain de Tirtoff

The bottle shape was designed by Erte’ and each unique illustration (serigraph) represents a different stage in the cognac-making process

A 75cl bottle of Courvoisier from the Erte series. 'Vendanges' refers to the Harvest of the grapes used for the cognac.

Vendanges stands for harvest, but you knew that as well.

Colour: Darker amber.

Nose: Almost smoky at times, and also a little gamy. Bouillon, cooked marrow, cured ham, and then rather bitter chocolate and black raisins. Honey and caramel.

Mouth: ‘Responsive’, with orange jam, honeydew, maple syrup, stewed peaches (always enjoy peaches in Cognac), then indeed a little more Demerara sugar, and even hints of molasses, but that’s all more than all right.

Finish: A pleasant earthiness in the aftertaste.