Outside Bar Services

Outside Bar Services

M&M are proud to offer our services at your celebration!

We can provide the ‘Temporary Event Notice’ (TENS) for £30 per event.

Please contact in advance to discuss the licensing arrangements.

Wines by the bottle, from £10.00 per bottle. We have a range of wines at this price

Wines by the glass, from £3.50 per glass.

Beer via the bottle. £2.50 per bottle for ‘normal’ strength beers. The beers are those shown on our website.

Beer via "polypin" (~20 litres). £3.00 per pint. The range will vary depending on availability from the breweries listed on our site. It is advisable to call in advance for availability and installation of the "pin" prior to the event to ensure quality pouring of your guest ale. Please contact in advance for any information regarding ales.

General range of spirits. £2.00 per single. Mixers £1.00, 2.00/pint.

Glasses provided.

£100 non-returnable deposit (in event of cancellation).