1970s Smirnoff 13.5 Fl Oz

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One of the most well known vodkas in the world, Smirnoff Red Label is a well loved favourite in countless bars. This bottling is a well kept antique spirit from the 1970s.

Smirnoff began with Piotr A. Smirnov in Moscow who was commissioned to produce vodka by the government after he was the first to filter the spirit in charcoal, removing impurities and making a consistent quality. It literally revolutionized the distilling world. After some success, the Smirnov family was forced to flee Russia in the revolution in 1917 when all private businesses were confiscated.

Vladamir Smirnov adopted the French spelling of the name Smirnoff and from there began producing again. Smirnoff vodka, in 1934, became the very first vodka to enter the United States. (The Complete Book of Spirits by Anthony Dias Blue.)