1970’s Dieux Marcs Du Jura Reserva 50% Abv Michel Tissot Et Fils

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The region’s latest recipient of AOC status,Marc du Jura is amber-coloured brandy.

An essential ingredient in the famous Macvin du Jura, it’s been distilled for centuries by

most of the Jura’s wine-makers who consider it a ‘heart-warmer’.

Powerful and fragrant, it’s ideal served at the end of a meal.

Now subject to extremely strict specifications, Marc du Jura must be made exclusively from the region’s historic grape varieties: Savagnin Chardonnay, Poulsard, Trousseau and Pinot noir. The pomace is first obtained by pressing the grapes.

It includes all of the solid remains: the skins, seeds and stems. After fermenting, the pomace undergoes double distillation in a still. It then ages in wood for at least two years. Longer ageing allows it to express more roundness and complexity. It pairs well with many desserts, sorbets and cakes.

Appearance: clear, amber, straw yellow, bright.

Bouquet: an extremely refined nose dominated by aromas of dried fruits, candied grapes and woody and vanilla notes.

Taste: powerful and persistent attack; notes of roasted vanilla, spice and pepper.

Serving: between chilled and room temperature.

Keeps for 50 years or more.