1980’s Jules Robin Grande Fine Cognac

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Jules Robin was born in 1815 as André Jules Robin and in 1850 founded the renowned cognac house Jules Robin. Yet we regularly find the dates 1782 and 1783 as the foundation date. And also 1845 is sometimes found on old Jules Robin labels. In 1783 an ancestor of Jules Robin started a company together with Guérinet: Guérinet et Robin (mainly wine export, but possibly also cognac). In 1830 Guérinet gave way for Mr. Gillet and they were called Gillet et Robin. Mr. Gillet died in 1845 and then the company (in 1845 or 1850?) was called Jules Robin.

Jules Robin made the company big and well-known. By the end of the 19th century it was the second largest in size (after Hennessy) and had a very good name. In addition, Robin has also worked to raise awareness of the good name of cognac.