1966 Milburn Highland Malt 16 year old

Price in points: 1450 points
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Colour: Full amber.
Nose: Beautifully orangey, with also lots of beeswax and honey as well as whiffs of wood smoke, old furniture…Gets superbly minty and nutty, toasty… Fabulous balance. Top class old whisky, very complex on the nose.
Mouth: Quite dry, with lots of cocoa powder, flour, cinnamon, coffee… the sherry’s very pleasant, with a taste of ‘yellow’, dry oloroso, old walnuts… Hints of blackberry jelly.
Finish: Very interesting I must say, especially the rather long finish on coffee, chocolate and jam (maybe blackcurrant this time). An old style malt, no recent version of any distilleries come close to this regarding its profile. A slice of History?