1995 Glenallachie Beinn A’ Cheo, Distilled 12th Dec 1995, Bottled 17th Oct 2007, 59.4%abv 11 Year Old

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Distilled in 1995 and bottled in 2007. This unusual bottling from the lesser seen Glenallachie distillery has been hand numbered as bottle number 1 of 273.
Glenallachie bottled by The Scottish Liqueur Centre. The Scottish Liqueur Centre is owned by Morrison & Mackay. Still no bells ringing? What about one of their other brands: Carn Mor, More recent bottlings of Beinn a’Cheo (mountain of mist) no longer have The Scottish Liqueur Centre on their labels, making Beinn a’Cheo a true brand of Morrison & Mackay, just like Carn Mor is.
Color: White wine.
Nose: Spicy and fruity and lots of other traits you know from typical Refill Bourbon casked high strength Whiskies. Whiffs of rural organics. And nice warm barley. Typical oak. Hints of vanilla from the American oak. Some nice fruits emerge along with a nice fatty creaminess. The oak really gets out when you warm it up in your hand. Wait a minute, warming it in your hand and giving it some time to breathe it really opens up. Finds balance. Nice fruit agian, but the sweeter fruits are now accompanied by citrus fruits. Sometimes this nose reminds me of Angostura 1919, a Rum.
Taste: Sweet. with almonds and fruit. Quite a surprise after the “typical” nose. The wood is here too. Bit mocha and oak, milk chocolate. The wood forming a spine for the big sweet fruity body of the Whisky. Lovely stuff. I also like the almond that returns for the finish, although the oak plays a bigger part, turning herbal with air.
The finish is a fruity sweetness,