Glenfiddich Straight Malt 1960’s 26fl oz

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A stunning piece of Glenfiddich history, this Straight Malt 8 Year Old was originally introduced in Scotland in 1961 before being rolled out globally in 1963. This bottle is from prior to the global roll out.

Possibly the first Glenfiddich ever bottled (widely) as single malt in the famous triangular bottle.

Colour: White wine (it is to be noted that people were looking for ‘light’, that is to say pale whiskies at the time).

Nose: Exceptionally great! Fantastic notes of fresh walnuts and almonds, ‘good’ soot, argan and olive oils, even linseed oil, ... And a great smokiness , at that. And something of our beloved riesling. Also whiffs of old roses... High-class old Glenfiddich – and I’m sure that bottle ageing did wonders on this one.

Mouth: A poem. Cider apples, propolis sweets, cough sweets, resins... And then the fresh walnuts are back, a little cardamom, soft curry... And what a body! It’s almost nervous after more than 40 years in its bottle. Great old whisky.

Finish: Candied, resinous and waxy. I guess this is what they call ‘a blast from he past’.