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False Bay Chenin Blanc 2020

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THE MISSION – Named after South Africa’s most iconic bay, which frames the country’s premium winelands, False Bay Vineyards was

borne out of a desire to make ‘real’ wine affordable.

THE METHOD – Unusually for that time, Paul transformed those cape gems into wines with a minimum of intervention: Wild yeasts

ferments, no acid additions…you know the drill. A familiar story to many ‘real wine’ lovers now, but back then he was swimming against

the tide. Even today, making wine this way at the price-level is almost unheard of.

THE WINES – Today the simple recipe remains the same: Fantastic coastal fruit, naturally balanced grapes and wild yeast ferments

abound, with additions avoided.

Slow Chenin Blanc is not fermented with fast-acting, or aroma-‘enhancing’ commercially selected yeast. The grapes do not take three weeks to

get from vineyard to bottle. It is crafted the wild way – old vine fruit, fermented with wild yeast found naturally on the grapes…not in a packet.

This magical transformation takes at least six months. At False Bay Vineyards we make slow wine.

Coastal Vineyards

Sustainably Farmed

Old Vines

Naturally Crafted

Wild Ferment

Slowly Matured